I'm no more developing Rumpus.
However, the program is still available
and I'll be happy to support you if you find problems.

A new version of Rumpus is out!

You can now simply scrobble your Grooveshark and We Are Hunted listened tracks on Last.fm.

Download it here! (Rumpus 1.4)rumpus tray icon
Simply double-click on the Rumpus.jar file to open Rumpus (only Windows and Mac, for Linux read below).
A tray icon keeps you informed about Grooveshark scrobbling and allows to quit the program. Right-click on the icon and go to WAH scrobbling to manually scrobble music you're listening on We Are Hunted (HERE  a small help if you can't read the window) or to Synch favorites to synch grooveshark favorites on last.fm.
You can change your preferences from the same menu clicking "Edit Settings". Be careful because the application can bite your finger if you make a mistake!
Remember that this is not a professional application, it's only a tool I developed for myself and made accessible to everyone.
You need a recent java version. Download it from java.com

First running and upgrading instructions

The First time you run the program it will ask userNames and passWord. Be careful. Another important thing to set is what you want the program to do when you start it. With "scheduled", Rumpus scrobbles new tracks every 5 minutes, with oneTime it only start, scrobble and close. In this case, if you want to change parameters or everything else, you can't (since the program doesn't create the tray icon and is too much fast) so you have to manually change the seventh line in the data file from "2" to "0" to do anything. (The problem doesn't exist if you set the WAH window to open on startup!)

Windows and Macintosh

If you have an old version of Rumpus, unzip the downloaded Rumpus.zip and move the two files from the unzipped folder in your old Rumpus folder (don't remove the old data file!): everything will be ok. If you don't have an old version of the program, simply double-click on the jar file; a dialog will open and ask for usernames and pass. Please pay attention: you can move the whole Rumpus folder around on your pc, but not the single jar file!
If with Macintosh you find problems, you can take a look here!


First of all, unzip the file where you like. If you have an old version of Rumpus, move the two files from the unzipped folder in your old Rumpus folder and everything will be ok. If you don't have an old version unzip the folder where you like. Open the console and type "cd /thepathOfTheFolder/Rumpus". If you type "ls" you would see Rumpus.jar. Type java -jar Rumpus.jar and follow instructions. Every time you need to start the application, you have to do so, or you can set up a simple script (name it Rumpus.sh or simething similar) like

My desktop on linux
cd /home/yourName/yourPath/scrobbler
java -jar Rumpus.jar

In ubuntu, I made a launcher on my desktop that starts the script above and it's fantastic, if you need help don't esitate to contact me!

Questions, problems, chocolate, lovers to rumpus.scrobbler@gmail.com Befor sending me a mail, read FAQs below
If you have some time/knowledge and wants to help improving html and graphics on this site, the mail is the same.
And... if there are english horrors in the text... the mail is, another time, the same (please, please tell me!) :)


Q:How do I scrobble the music I'm listening on WeAreHunted?
A: This is not automatic like the grooveshark scrobbling, you have to click on WAH Scrobbling in the icon menu. The letters above are the WAH genre charts, numbers are periods (1 = day, 7 = ?). They are in the same order on the site. If you click "scrobble" the song will be scrobbled (wow!) and the entire line will bocome GREEN, if you click "love" the song will be loved on last.fm and the buttom will become RED (if not, probably username/pass are wrong). oh, and... no, you cannot change the colors, 80s are back, didn't you know?!

Q: I see the tray icon, but, even after playing songs from the Grooveshark website, it always says "No tracks to submit" when I mouse-over. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
A: the program is based on this page
so you only have to wait for a while. If grooveshark is fast upgrading that page, the program will be fast, if grooveshark is slow... the program will wait for new songs showing "No tracks to submit". I also know that there are some problems: the page linked above is not really smart since it doesn't list your listens in chronological order, I'll fix it soon.

Q: Are you planning to release the code in a gitHub repository or anywhere else?
A: I created this utility trying to apply what they teach to me at the college, so this is a way to learn something useful for "real" programming. If you want the code, mail me; but I want something back: please read it, understand it and tell me what you think!

Q: Can I change last.fm and/or Grooveshark identity?
A: Yes! Simply go to Edit Settings in the icon menu and change what you want. There are two things you have to know: Rumpus has to be restarted after this operation and if you change your Grooveshark username, you will have to repeat the authorisation operations for last.fm favorites synch! (see above)! If you change your Grooveshark username, Rumpus will only scrobble songs you listen to since the last scrobble with the old nick.

We Are Hunted windowWe Are Hunted scrobbling Quick Help

I know this window is not really easy to read. But not be afraid.
In the window top (in this moment "metal - 30" show the current genre - time period. When the window opens, by default it shows the main - 1 chart (as on the site!).

With the first line of buttons, you can select the genre: main, rock, pop, folk, metal, alternative, electronic, punk, rap/hip-hop. With the second you can select the remixe, twitter and you personal chart (if you set your WAH username in the Rumpus settings window). 1 is the emerging songs chart, 7 the week chart, 30 the month carth. If you selected a genre chart and push one of these buttons, the time period is applied on that particular genre chart.

Under all these buttons, you will find the selected chart, as it's shown on the site. If you click Scrobble, the song line will become green if everything is ok with last.fm submission (scrobbling). If you click Love, the button will become red (another time, if anything is ok with last.fm submission).

Hope I was helpful!

Version History

1.0 | +Initial release (command-line only)
1.1 | +fix preferred songs scrobbling
1.2 | +add TrayIcon, "quit" button, last listened song (no more command-line interaction on Win/Mac)
1.3 | +fix month bug (only "Dec" was set), "No tracks to submit" now also shows the last submitted track (if present)
1.4 | +add WeAreHunted scrobbling, settings panel, favorites synch (everything is becoming too large)

My name is Michele Palmia, information engineering student at Padova University, Eberk89 on last.fm and GrooveShark